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"Central sensitization, what are we actually talking about?" (round table):

Emanuel Van den Broeke            What is central sensitization?

Sanneke Don                                Dealing with uncertainty: a clinical perspective on the concept of central sensitisation

Oral presentations:

Bicego Aminata

Bilterys Thomas

Bonin Estelle

De Grootte Sander

De Jaeger Mats

Dhondt Evy

Huysmans Eva

Krypros Angelos

Lamper Cynthia

Liberati Giulia

Mertens Michel

​Rheel Emma


Van Geel Laura

Van Oosterwijck Sophie

Study Of Dropout In Chronic Pain : What Factors Play A Role?

Risk Factors For Insomnia In Chronic Spinal Pain Patients: A Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis

Prevalence Of Signs Of Nociception During Physiotherapy In Patient With Disorders Of Consciousness.

The Influence Of High Dose Spinal Cord Stimulation On The Descending Pain Modulatory System In Patients With Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

The Association Between Pain Intensity And Disability In Patients With Failed Back Surgery Syndrome, Treated With Spinal Cord Stimulation

Does Fatigue Have An Influence On The Nociceptive Flexion Reflex? A Randomized Cross-Over Study In Healthy People

Relationship Between Cognitive And Emotional Factors And Healthcare Utilization In Patients Experiencing Pain: A Systematic Review

The Exploration-Exploitation Dilemma In Pain

Developing The Network Pain Rehabilitation Limburg: Results Of A Feasibility Study

Using Intracerebral EEG To Characterize The Modulations Of Insular Ongoing Oscillations Exerted By Sustained Thermonociceptive And Cool Stimulation

Comparing The Efficacy Of Five Different Conditioned Pain Modulation Paradigms And The Influencing Effects Of Modifiable Factors

The Impact Of Parental Responses Upon Child Pain Behavior In The Context Of Cancer-Related Painful Procedures: The Moderating Role Of Parental                      Self-Oriented Distress

Functional Expression And Pharmacological Modulation Of Nocicepter Trpm3 In Human Sensory Neurons

Do Physical Activity Levels Predict The Efficacy Of Conditioned Pain Modulation? Results From A Cross-Sectional Study In Healthy Individuals


Alreni Ahmad

Annevelink Renske


Antunes Da Silva Patricia

Bassez Iege

Bonin Estelle

Colman Marlies

De Baets Liesbet

De Baets Liesbet

De Meulemeester Kayleigh

Den Brandt Hester


Dhondt Evy

Filbrich Lieve

Foubert Anthe

Gevers-Montero Carlo

Goubert Dorien

Goudman Lisa

Gousset Solenn

Guerin Mathias

Herranz-Gomez Aida

Ivankhov Sergei

Keyaerts Stijn

Lahousse Astrid

Lamper Cynthia

Lebrun Louisien

Leemans Lynn

Lenoir Dorine

Lopez Corodoba Gustavo

Matheve Thomas

Meyers Elke

Mukhtar Naziru Bashir

Puts Sofie

Rheel Emma

Rousseaux Floriane

Siffain Carolie

Spaas Catheline

Spaas Catheline

Van Bogaert Wouter

Van Der Gucht Elien

van Loo Mark

Van Oosterwijck Sophie

Vanneste Bert

Vanneste Thibault

Vanneste Thibault

Measures Of Upper Limb Function For People With Neck Pain: A Systematic Review Of Measurement And Practical Properties

Unravelling The Prognostic Role Of Socio-Cultural Factors In Patients With Non-Specific Musculoskeletal Pain In Primary Care Physiotherapy; The Cultural Pain Diversity (Cupid) Prospective Cohort Study

Peripheral Nerve Stimulation In The Treatment Of Sural Neuroma Pain: A Successful Case

Investigating Brain Dynamics Underlying Reduced Habituation To Painful Stimuli In Migraine Using Dynamical Causal Modelling

A European Survey About Needs And Beliefs Of Healthcare And Family Caregivers Regarding Pain Assessment And Management In DOC Patients

Chronic Pain In Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome: A Case Control Study Protocol To Reveal New Insights In Pain Symptomatology And Pathophysiology

Pain-Related Fear Is Related To Glenohumeral Movement Variability During Unpredictable Reaching Tasks

The Development And Measurement Properties Of The Dutch Version Of The Fear-Avoidance Component Scale

Modulating Mechanisms In Patients With Chronic Subjective Tinnitus: A Study Protocol

Associations Between Cognitive, Emotional And Behavioral Factors And Symptoms Of Central Sensitization In People With Non-Specific Low Back Pain In Primary Care: A Cross-Sectional Study

The Influence Of Physiological Factors On The Nociceptive Flexion Reflex In Healthy Adults: A Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis

Investigating The Multisensory Influence Of Vision On Nociception-Induced Cortico-Spinal Excitability

The Predictive Value Of Psychosocial Factors And Nociceptive Stimuli Processing On Pain And Disability In Chronic (Sub)-Acute Low Back Pain:                                      A 3-Month Follow-Up Study

Mechanisms And Effectiveness Of Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation For Spine Pain

The Effect Of Pain Education And Exercise Therapy On Motor Control, Lumbar Muscle Strength And Psychological Factors In Patients With Recurrent Low Back Pain

The Influence Of Nociceptive And Neuropathic Pain States On The Processing Of Acute Electrical Nociceptive Stimulation: A Dynamic Causal Modeling Study

Burst-Like Conditioning Electrical Stimulation Of Cutaneous Nociceptors Is More Efficacious Than Continuous Stimulation In Inducing Heterosynaptic Facilitation Of Mechanical Nociceptive Input In Humans

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation In Primary Motor Cortex And Effects On Pressure Pain Threshold In Healthy Individuals: A Quasi-Experimental Single-Blind Sham-Controlled Trial

Effect Of Brain Training Through Visual Mirror Feedback, Action Observation, And Motor Imagery On Orofacial Sensorimotor Variables: A Single-Blind Randomized Controlled Trial

The Mediating Effect Of Perceived Injustice And Pain Catastrophizing In The Relationship Of Pain On Fatigue In Breast Cancer Survivors

Association Between Work-Related Factors And Musculoskeletal Pain In Healthcare Workers: Moderating Role Of Pain Catastrophizing And Kinesiophobia

The Effect Of Pain Neuroscience Education And Behavioural Graded Activity Compared To Usual Care On Chronic Pain In Breast Cancer Survivors: Protocol For A Randomised Controlled Trial.

The (Cost-) Effectiveness Of Primary Care For Patients With Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain Following Network Pain Rehabilitation Limburg: Protocol Of                          A Pragmatic Trial

Does Peak Alpha Frequency Predict Secondary Hyperalgesia?

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Reduces Movement-Evoked Pain In People With Chronic Low Back Pain: A Randomised Crossover Study

The Presence Of Central Sensitization In Chronic Idiopathic Neck Pain: A Study Protocol.

Pharmacological Characterization Of The Spinal Α2-Adrenoceptors Subtypes Which Modulates The Nociception

Virtual Reality Distraction Induces Analgesia In Patients With Chronic Low Back Pain: A Randomized Controlled Trial.

The Cognitive Modulation Of Mechanical Hypersensitivity: Does Autonomic Arousal Play A Role?

The Effectiveness Of Hands-Off Therapy In The Management Of Patients With Headache: A Systematic Review

Protocol For A Randomized Controlled Trial: How Does Exercise Therapy For Knee Osteoarthritis Pain Work?

Exploring Pain, Body Composition And Physical Activity In Children With Cancer: A Case-Control Study.

Using Hypnosis And Virtual Reality During Pre And Postoperative Cardiovascular Surgery

The Association Between Central Sensitization And Sleep In Patients With Chronic Spinal Pain And Comorbid Sleep Problems: Secundary Analysis Of A Randomized Controlled Multicenter Trial

Localized Neuropathic Pain: Patch Or Pill? A Multicentre, Randomized, Open-Label, Comparative Study.

Posterior Spinal Fusion Surgery For Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: Implementation Of A Multidisciplinary Biopsychosocial Perioperative Care Model

The Predictive Value Of Fear Avoidance Beliefs For Surgical Outcome Following Lumbar Degenerative Disease: Protocol Of A Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis

The Effectiveness Of Pain Neuroscience Education On Postoperative Functioning In Breast Cancer Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Unravelling Shoulder- And Knee Pain And Related Disability: A Cross-Sectional Study Examining The Contribution Of Pathological, Pain Physiological And Psychological Factors.

Identifying Pain Generators And Potentiators Of Residual Complaints Following Lumbar Discectomy: Protocol Of A Prospective Cohort Study

Feasibility Of An Ultrasound-Guided Approach To Radiofrequency Ablation Of The Superolateral, Superomedial And Inferomedial Genicular Nerves:                            A Cadaveric Study

Comparison Of Cooled Versus Conventional Radiofrequency Treatment Of The Genicular Nerves For Chronic Knee Pain: A Multicentre Randomised Controlled Non-Inferiority Pilot Trial (COCOGEN Trial)

Effectiveness Of A Radiofrequency Treatment Of The Genicular Nerves In Chronic Knee Pain.

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